Russian Imperial Foundation.

The Russian Imperial Foundation was established by George Romanov in 2013 on the 400th anniversary of the accession of the House of Romanov. Our spheres of interest are medical researches, ecological problems and fundraising to solve emergency issues.

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Georgiy Romanov
Founder H.I.H. Grand Duke George of Russia
Rebecca Bettarini
CEO Brussel office
Miss Bettarini holds a master in International Law, with a specialisation in World Trade Organisation litigations and European Competition Regulations. For many years she worked in Brussels as a lobbyist, focusing on European aerospace programmes and regulations. Involved since a young age in the charitable activities of her family, she developed a passion in helping others. A volunteer of the Order of Malta, she became Director of the Russian Imperial Foundation in 2017. “In a world defined by increasing globalisation we shall overcome those ideological barriers that prevent us from acting in global synergy. The Russian Imperial Foundation aims at providing an International platform to help Russia achieve a relevant position in worldwide charitable activities.”
Maxim Kruchkov
CEO Moscow office
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